Photo and Video Contests

By adding a contest to your activation, consumers have another reason to join in the fun.

Contests can increase post-event sharing as consumers invite their friends to vote for their photo or video.

Contests can include:

  • Contests can be based on photos, videos, a combination of media types, and even essays
  • Consumers can submit their event image with a single click, they can upload with a web form, or they can even post to Twitter or Instagram with the contest hashtag
  • Stick with a standard design or let us fully customize the contest design
  • Multiple languages
  • Other advanced features are also available

Consumers can Participate Via:

Onsite Photos

Consumers can submit photos, videos or animated GIFs to the contest that were captured of them by your staff or with photo booths


Allow photos to be submitted to the contest by tweeting it with a specific hashtag


Allow photos to be submitted to the contest by posting it to Instagram with a specific hashtag

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