Comprehensive Reporting of Your Marketing Results

Industry-leading reporting, customized to your goals, delivered to your inbox

Dashboard Reports

Clients have told us that the reporting available in our client portal is the best they have seen.
The portal provides a quick view of: key metrics, most popular images, and uploaded photos and data.

Schedule daily or weekly emails to send customized reports to any email address (an example of the PDF).

Each metric can also be customized. For example, you can add the metric ‘Share Button Clicks’ as a pie chart, bar graph, and table, and then adjust which of your campaigns or microsites it reports on.

Customize Your Reporting

Our dashboards can be customized with over 20 different metrics. Track everything from onsite activity, data collection, calls-to-action, and social sharing results.

Let us tailor the reporting or do it yourself:

  • Set the time period you want to view
  • Add new charts with a single click
  • Drag and drop to rearrange charts
  • Adjust the details of individual charts and the chart style (pie, line, area, etc.)

Track Photo Booth and Photographer Activity

Track the usage of each photo booth in your network, what themes are being selected, and if there are any issues.
Invite any number of staff members as photographers and then track how many photos or videos each is taking and how many views those images are generating.

Monitor All Photo Uploads in Real-Time

View a real-time stream of images as they are uploaded from across your photo booth or app network. If required, all images can enter a moderation queue.
Search for individual photos or videos by any attribute, and click any thumbnail to view details of a particular photo, such as a map of where the photo was taken. Download the different versions of the photo or video individually or all images in an entire campaign.

Automatically Export Collected Data

Download consumer data from individual campaigns or download a spreadsheet with all data collected including responses to your custom survey.
You can automatically transfer collected data to popular newsletter services like MailChimp and Constant Contact or have us integrate with your CRM.

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