Vons and Safeway supermarkets needed to engage NASCAR race attendees in a way that would lead to social sharing, drive traffic to the campaign website, and handle large NASCAR crowds. The ETZEL Agency used the Fotozap Social Green-Screen to create a shareable visual gift, that got attendees buzzing.

Consumers were Engaged with a One-of-a-Kind Photo

Green-screen has never been simpler. Brand ambassadors engaged attendees face-to-face and put them into the race by shooting a green-screen photo on an iPad.

The Reactions Were Priceless…

Event staff immediately showed consumers how they looked as part of a NASCAR pit crew.

Every Consumer Received a Keepsake Photo Access Card

Fotozap supports multiple ways to immediately deliver the photo: type the guest’s email or mobile number into the Fotozap app, direct login to Facebook or Twitter, wireless printing, onsite kiosks, and more. But for large crowds, noisy environments, or creating a gift experience, handing out a coded photo access card is hard to beat.

Consumers Loved their Photo (and the Raceday Coupons were Nice, Too!)

Consumers viewed and shared their branded photo webpage from their mobile phones and home computers. Not only did participants and their friends enjoy the cool photo, but they also received some great raceday coupons.

Pitch-Perfect Facebook Sharing

People enjoyed sharing to Facebook (and other networks) and their friends enjoyed commenting and clicking on the posts. Vons and ETZEL selected the text and branding to be shared with the photo.

Results From One Race

Every photo taken resulted in more than 30 views on social media. And every photo shared brought back 8 unique visitors to the branded website.


Partner Testimonial

“Fotozap has absolutely amplified our photo activation for the Safeway/VONS Race Day Experience! We have been very pleased with the onsite experience and post event engagement where participants could see their photo and easily share their experience to their favorite social network.”

– Sabreena Cook, ETZEL Agency
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